Blog from bed?!?/

Here I blog from my bed. The world of wireless communications is getting better everyday…

It’s now getting so cold that unless you have a heater on, your bed is too cold to jump straight into! I have to resort to laying on my bed fully clothed for a few minutes before diving inside to find the warmth.

It’s nice to start off with just one small area of warmth before moving out to find cool refreshing patches the warmer you get during sleep. I’m all snug now!

Some brilliant news: I passed my UK driving test and I had a drive to and from my work… The first time in over a year! I drove two different cars for the first time (each) yesterday, one of which I took my driving test in. They are so different in size… From a MINl (the new one) to a large Rover 827! All fun!

My nightshifts are over for a couple more weeks – I have 4 days off work starting and including today which means I have to factor sleep into my plans of today! Will get some sleep now …

A Digital World

To most people, being able to get up at 6pm would be heaven, but tonight, it means I have a whole night to work away – and it’s only 10pm. In nine and a half hours I shall be free to go home but the temperature is dropping more every day. The nights are getting longer so much so it’s now dark when I start work, and dark when I finish. This was as I was waiting for the bus home this morning:

I’ve made my first DVD, complete with a DVD menu but now I am left with too much of a canvas and not enough ideas! It amazes me that within the last 10 years, we as humans, have started to take more digital photos, have welcomed the ability to burn CDs cheapily and easily – and now with DVD burners being so cheap, being a DIY director is in the grasp of millions!

Whilst I can take photos of what I see, I would much prefer to capture video – videos show so much more character than their still counterparts. Whilst you can take a photo of what you see without drawing particular attention to any one thing by just holding the camera and hoping for the best, it’s harder to get video that way. I want video but I don’t want to carry a video camera around looking like a tourist or something… not out and about. Maybe a crew, safety in numbers as they say!

Incidently, I got a few photos before the sun came up this morning. It’s a magical time to be outdoors, if you time it right, you can see the higher clouds change colour from orange through to yellow, and eventually white (or grey). Then, the lower clouds until the sky is [patchy] blue and white[/grey]. Unfortunately my camera is often blind to the many colours of the world, but from a defrosted portion of a bus window, I got a couple of interesting ones…

If you have any good advice on how to affix a video camera to a car on a tight budget, please email me! More to come later, I have work to do 🙁

Twix is a great chocolate bar

Chocolate is good – it’s great… Where would the world be without it?!

I had a fun night out with Corinna – just got back after the taxi took ages to arrive – apparently, the police cornered off somewhere near the Corn Exchange due to a shooting(?!). Thats what the taxi telephone assistant said…

\\’hen \\’orkmates \\’eave

1:15pm: Get to the pub (late) but just as everyone is arriving.. something was going my way!

So I started drinking – 3 pints down me and I had to contemplate going to work, on my day off. From work, I was to trek on bus number 284 [thank you MetroLine] to Tong, of all places. I set out with a mission in mind fresh in my head as I first stepped into the outdoor air this morning. My fhe first stop? The pub!

Now I’m not an alcoholic but I will have a few beverages when someone is leaving somewhere and it’s a sad time when a fellow work colleague leaves your department – especially if you’ve had a laugh with them. I was up for a few drinks to celebrate another breaking free of the many things wrong with where I work. I arrived and got to the bar, just as the 2 hour lunch break of Hannah’s started (an hour and fifteen minutes later than it should have!). You couldn’t ask for more: To be on-time yet “fashionable late” (my excuse for my inability to keep a schedule that complies with the human concept of time).

Drink pints, eat cheesy chips, have a laugh, go to work on a day off, sign the leaving card, donate to the collection box, say my goodbyes, get out of work (not before collecting some goodies brought in by Hannah), get to Tong. That was how it was supposed to happen, instead, I signed the card, got sidetracked, meandered and helped someone get out of work for a while – officially 😀 [I saw someone leave to go to Boots but it didn’t “click” at the time – she was going to get a leaving gift I hadn’t put any money into!] I found all this out as I was inside, signing the card…

Enlisting the help of another work colleague, Ben, we drove from work so I could get some flowers. I couldn’t let someone leave without giving them a parting gift. Flowers! I don’t know how I’d approach a boss when I was at work to ask to go out and help someone else buy a gift for someone leaving – after someone else had already gone, but he did it! We drove to find flowers [thanks Ben].

It was during precarious post-pub planning of a nice gesture that I had a lift offering to take me to Tong! If you are wondering who or what Tong is, it is not a DJ, it is a place in West Yorkshire – Aerial photo at multimap… I didn’t have to venture on the 284 and then try find my way back again! Hannah goes that way home so she offered me a lift for 5:30pm. She had goodbyes to say, the car park was not moving, it was Friday night – were we going to make it?!

It was a race against time and when that ran out, we got lost – we could have driven around for half an hour and not made the shop by closing time or we could ask for directions… A such simpler option in a civilization advanced enough to have an average vocabulary of over 1000 words! Two minutes until closing time and I just got through the door as they locked it! Success!

My travels were to be made even easier! Next stop – Bramley train station. After one of the shortest train journeys I’ve had in a while, I was in Leeds train station – keen to snap some photos… I didn’t, but I got some from my travels home. Firstly though, a couple of my favourites…

Tomorrow is another day – have you got anything planned?

On a side note:

When you sit in front of your screen trying to think of something to type for several minutes and achieve nothing – it’s better off not to type!

Enjoy these instead:

PS: The first person to email the description of the first (red glow) picture wins an email postcard. Click m@il me next to the time at the end of this post to enter!

small print: Competition closes when I feel like closing it. The judges decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into.. etc, etc, etc…

Silly Sunday Shopping

Yesterday, I was rained upon, I found some cows (underneath a power line pylon of all places), I trekked through domesticated, wild grass and found a spiked fence. Sadly, I didn’t get photos of all those but I did get a lucky shot…

In this day and age, most of us rely heavily on power and I guess I’ve always found the power pylons(tm) to be rather majestic. I set out to get some pictures of those but I’ve yet to do anything with those I got. What I did find was a field of cows grazing beneath very high voltage power lines. I don’t know the latest findings of scientic research into the effects of high voltage overhead power lines on living tissue but for the safety of the cows, I hope they don’t try and climb up for a better view (and there are some nice views around there…)

With it starting to rain and with the grass already wet, it didn’t take long for my feet to get soaked. Onwards I trekked to the most dangerous jungle of all .. a retail park on a Sunday afternoon. It was scary!

I was on a mission, to get in and out as quick as possible. I found what I was looking for and browsed over the overpicked food in Boots. It didn’t take long until I was ready to leave but by then, there were lions about! And their offspring! They were making their ways to the checkouts so I had to think quick – I couldn’t get past them to be first at the tills .. arrrgh! I was trapped. In an orderly fashion they all followed each other, behind the customers in front of them, sheepishly, to the main cash registers. They were lined up, waiting to be served.. What do you do in a situation like that? Look around you!

It surprises me that people won’t look for alternative payment places.. I’m glad they don’t! I had a nice chat with a nice lady who worked there and if you happen to read this, I still don’t know when Habitat opens! Oh and I got served straight away…

It was leaving there to take a picture of the madness in the carpark that I stumbled upon a lucky snap. I saw a parking attendant dressed in yellow (yes, a parking attendant directing traffic in a car park is madness!). I didn’t want to stand out taking a picture with my phone so I walked away, this one parking attendant in the corner of my gaze. I pointed to my left and took a picture of this one attendant. I checked my picture and another had appeared further away, and they’re both doing the same thing! Magick!

Enough talk, here’s the pictures – you’ll also see more greenery, the road back from the madness, and a pet food phactory!

I’ll have to leave it there. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so there’s a little reading for you. I have to do some chores and rest, maybe tomorrow, I’ll get more done on my other page


Sunday morning at work…

It’s Sunday morning and I’m once again at work. It seems like I never leave this place, especially after working 7 days, then 6 nights and now another 4 days. I can’t wait until I can sleep in until I want to get up (in 2 days and 9.5 hours).

I’m hoping to get out and take some photos, weather and work permitting. I am entitled to a lunch break and I can take it whenever I want. Waiting for the sky to get interesting with weather – current outlook – grey skies.

If you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of P.I.N.T. [Post-It Note Tennis]! Stay tuned…

Expecting Some Snow for Winter!

The UK may see more snow this winter! To me, that’s some of the best news I’ve heard all day but some people don’t like snow. They’ll see it as nothing more than a chore. I’ve lived in Australia for 16 years in the best kept secret that is Perth and whilst the south may see snow flakes, they last little more than a minute.

More news of snow and the cold winter for 2004-05 can be found here [BBC]

and now, for something kompletely different…

I’ve been creative again, so it’s not completely different but this time it’s aural [dis]pleasure – well make you own mind up! Before you think it might be any good, consider the fact I am not a musician, I’m am a mere tech support monkey.

Stay for a Cry
::: It’s 9.3Mb! Right click – Save Target As …

The name was nothing more than bits of song titles that morphed to what it is now. if I were to have left all the bits, it’d be something like Bruce Lee, Stay or a while, light, reactor, cry baby. Stay for a cry seems apt since a close friend is travelling away…

Corinna is a brilliant woman whom I’ve know for just over 2 years – the amount of time I’ve lived in Leeds. She’s off to travel the world, to see Perth(!), Australia, Africa, Thailand, loads of places, white water rafting, safari tours, etc, etc, etc .. and THEN – she’s not even coming back to Leeds! She’ll be down in London doing really well for herself.

Random pictures of the day?

I got these from a bus, travelling home after a nightshift, a few mornings ago.

It’s getting very late now…

It’s getting late and it’s only 10:42am! I’ve been awake since yesterday evening and worked a 12 hour shift so now I’m ready to sleep!

Yesterday started off rough – a day where I couldn’t be bothered to care about much but 18 hours later, I’m happy. I spoke to some people I hadn’t spoken to for a while. Someone I met in another country, someone else who moved down to London .. there’s many more beautiful people I know but these two made my day .. err night .. what time is it again?!

Sometimes, you find yourself lost and not even your closest friends can say the right things to cheer you up.. and then completely unexpectedly, you speak with lovely people you know and your view on things changes.