I’m so tired with so much to do!

It’s been a long few nights and I’m happy to have them over and done with. Sometimes nights are bearable, other times, they’re nothing but a chore!

The sun is shining, I have to do some housework and also some shopping (perhaps). 9am now, so if I get up at 2 thats 5 hours sleep. Should be OK – maybe going to technique tonight [www.technique.org.uk].

All the more reason to get rested now… oh why does it have to be a chore?! No matter 😀


Newsflash! Boring news! See it here first!

time doing nothing! Well, that’s not entirely true as I’ve had a fight with a travelator (a sloped escalator), driven in my car, done some work and rested! I’m sure there’s far more interesting things I’ve been doing but they elude me right now

It’s getting late so you’ll have to stay tuned to hear of my unexciting adventures I’m afraid!