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Hello World.

PS: Look out for falling pictures, broken links, or collapsing sites – I’m doing a little ad hoc DIY to try get this site to bigger and better places. Check out the music link on the right ->

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Free music here!!!

It does depend on what you call music but, it is free because it’s mine! Like all others before it, it was “crafted” [ahem], in just a few hours and I’m absolutely sick of hearing the loops over and over, the same sounds, the same samples, the same noise – but I’ve heard it for the last 5+ hours so it’ll be fresh to you.

chipko – bounce and break.mp3 [3.24Mb]

Christmas will be over with in exactly one week, that is if you go by GMT-0. I still have to get stuck in on Christmas shopping but now with working a lot over the next week, I am going to have to plan carefully. There are more than just wolves in the shops at the moment…

It’s now getting too late considering the time I have to be up tomorrow!
Hmmm, that ad to the right looks interesting, I think I might click on it! Feel free to click as many as you like!

Random picture time:

Animaniacs: One of the lost but not forgotten cartoons!!!

Mental note: Take big stick when shopping tomorrow at West Yorkshire Retail Park …

Update [30 Aug 2006]: You can now buy Animaniacs Volume I on DVD (region 1 only) – you can buy it here: http://www.playusa.com/

Animaniacs is © Copyright Amblin Entertainment/Warner Brothers Television Animation

New and Improved! No not this site, a tune!

I made “telly phony” in one day, start to finish but I forget when I awoke, or when the day started as I’ve not been sleeping and getting up at ‘normal’ times. The track grew and grew as I played and I tinkered, to what has become a monster! It’s a little dark, it’s a little weird, but the samples from the Matrix work well with the track.

I’ll no doubt end up going back to this in the future to better it even further, but until that day, you can enjoy the newer version. The link below will download the same version, but if you are too lazy to scroll down:

chipko – tellyphony.mp3 [right click and save as a small creature on your desktop]

As it costs money to host these files, if you don’t mind just checking out some of the links on the right, I’d really appreciate it!

I’ll try get some design work done on the site tomorrow so I can start taking it further. Again, too much to do, and so little time!

One tune becomes two tunes (albeit very similar)

Wow, another update!

I woke up and I really need to get on top of some chores like going to the laundrette to dry my clothes. I am working tonight and so since awakening an hour and a half ago, I have managed to stumble to the shops, sit down and work on my One Tune track. I’m getting better at using the tools I’m presented with, and now I’m at a height up the learning curve where it’s easier to see where I’m going (and where I’ve been).

chipko – One Tune Two.mp3 [6.7Mb]

There’s only one loop ripped from another track – see if you can spot it. Answers on a postcard called e-mail to the usual address. If you get it right, you can have a silly vocal track made about you (1st attempt coming up).

It’s where I need to go play next .. with some vocals…. Any singers out there fancy a shot? Elizabeth?! 😀

Enough for now, there’s some shopping to be done, some chores to work at and then I have to work 12 hours! The good news? I’ve hopefully got a new mattress coming in the next day or two….

* dum .. tish .. dum .. dum .. tish .. *

BBC Radio One giveaway free samples! [nothing new but you know…]

I made another track, this time, not by ripping loops from existing tracks but by downloading free samples from the BBC websitehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/onemusic/studio/

I’m getting better and more productive at making some music but it’s still got a long way to go. It’s not unusual for me to leave a piece and pick up days, weeks or months later, and “fix” it up a little. Without further ado, here’s One Tune.

chipko – one tune.mp3

Again, right click the link and choose Save As…

Some music I’ve been making…

Here’s another PlayTrack(tm) track I’ve made. It’s not too bad if you like your dark breaks and electro peaks (or something like that anyway). It’s 5.some meg in size and to obtain a copy, right-click the following link and choose Save-As .. or whatever you have to do…

An Eon Away

I know there’s not been any updates for almost 2 weeks now, but I’ll try get something up on here in a while… it’s the silly season once more …