Bleep. Hello!

BananaArt(tm). I have a habit of writing on Banana’s natural packaging – whatever comes to mind at any given time. I haven’t done it for a while, and I should start again – what a perfect canvas for Art?

Here’s one I prepared sometime ago… based on Massive Attack’s – Protection.

I don’t think a banana would be very good as armour…

Attachments to material objects

Now I’m not one to get too attached to material objects. I guess I learned that lesson after my car was stolen with many treasured items in the boot (long story .. nothing was on show .. but I lost a lot).

Recently I got my mitts on a new Nokia N93 and I was amazed.. I wouldn’t go so far as saying I loved it but it did sleep beside my bed each night. Imagine my pain when I was told by the network provider that in order to port my existing number across, I had to send the phone back, cancel my contract and order it again (where’s the logic in that?!). This wasn’t going to be too much trouble, only, since i bought the phone, it went up £70! To cut a long story short, the nice people at were happy to sell me another phone at the price I originally paid. Thanks MobileShop – you guys are brilliant.

It’s not the material possession that I am attached to, but rather the creativity and connectivity this phone allows. It’s truly a marvellous smartphone! Some might say it’s a bit big, and a bit heavy and I would agree – but whilst it’s big, it’s also very clever.

I have to wait patiently now whilst the next one gets delivered – I do hope it makes it here before the weekend. I am hoping to start getting some new photos and videos on this site.

See the Nokia N93 here:

Bloggin in bed [pt 1]

Hello \’orld!

It’s been over a year since i put a post on there and suprisingly, people asked where this web page went whilst it was offline. I never actually thought it would be interesting to read!

It’s back now but i’m needing to update the page and do some design modifications but all in good time. Right now many of the links on this page are broken… Please bear with me whilst i try mate this site better than it’s ever been before!

Coming soon.. Videos, music, photos and animation (just need more time)

Anyway.. I should get up for the day. In a few hours my cast comes off my foot! Yey!