Poppy: New family member

Yesterday, Poppy (Takeshi Mygirl Lollipop) found a new home. I’d already seen her once or twice before and we’d got along but she’s now go body house with new objects, new scents, new sounds and new sights. She’s slowly settling in and she’s had her spent night here.

i think she slept alright. She’s eaten some food and explored as a bundle of sticks were knocked over! This morning however, I am unable to find her despite my extensive searching, There were no doors or windows open so she couldn’t have got out.

We played and she explored a little last night. She’s still going to be missing my parents who were the previous owners. They’re moving to Scotland and she can’t easily go with them. We’ll be best of friends soon.

I’ll get some pictures shortly. For now Poppy?! Where are you?!

some photos of my bike ride [3 Sept 2006]

My recent bike ride… (click a picture to see a half sized hi res version – all taken on the Nokia N93)

The first fields I came to…

with it’s house…

Further down the road and off to one side we have Heckmondwike… here’s a building.

Towards Batley, we come across Staincliffe Church (which is near to a good mate)…

Pausing to notice the red leaves on the pavement. A sign of Autumn… (in Summer)

My local park… has Fairies! 😀

and I can see why they’d live there…

::: peace :::

conscious co-creation

Before I begin I must note the following: I am not ever going to step foot inside the ferious debate of intelligent design v evolution. Like black and white, Yin & Yang, left & right, etc, it’s the whole that matters. They need each other to exist.

What I aim to note here is more of my application of a belief that we are co-creating our own realities. When we are conscious of that one fact, we can see the world in a much different way. It’s a matter of changing our stuck belief systems, opening up to a different way of seeing things. Consciously.

When we are conscious of not only where we are and what we can do, we can consciously create a change. Changes in many ways… More change brings more choice, and vice versa. Change is happening – no matter who you are, or whatever you believe, you’ll have no doubt noticed that there is now, more than *ever* before, more choice. Choice on many fronts – what job you have, what you’ll have for food, what music you like, what hair cut you present – we have more choice and with it we have more change. More change means time seems to speed up .. we don’t have enough time to do all the things we choose to do!

Now on a choice level, we can choose to live our lives or choose to have them be lived. Some people feel comfort in following “the movie”.. Letting it play before them as they soak it up. Some others consciously believe that they can create their own reality more to how they want it. I’d have to follow that belief…

within the last year, there’s been many more dreams that have a stark relevance to the next day, “coincidences” that’d make many want to buy a lottery ticket, many more moments where the physical world doesn’t seem so physical, or least a world that can’t be affected by mere thoughts in concsiousness. The last year has been one filled with moments. Moments where I’m powerless to resisting thinking there’s something more to reality. More than this physical realm which we inhabit.

One example from today. I flicked a business card sized piece of advertising and it landed upon a water cooler a couple of metres away, to a conscious observer. After a brief jostle of lightheartedness – I wouldn’t do it again for I wouldn’t look as impressive! The same conscious observer left the room, (the lights just flickered as I pondered “conscious observer”! – and again and I pondered the first moment! [ok! thank you!]… So this conscious observer was leaving the room, and I flicked another of my flying frisbees… it flew, curved and hit the top corner of the water bottle before acrobaticlly landing on the top! Of course I wanted it to! It’s like not trying to think about where you should flick the card, more where you want it to land and just go with that .. go with it … Be conscious of it, but don’t control it in a physical sense.

It happened as I planned because I was conscious I could influence it. Had I just thought, OK, I have to flick this thing, and where will I flick it, how will it fly? I alsready subscribe to the simple laws that those are the only influence my flicking will ever have. Choose that until it actually happens, ANYTHING can happen, then it could fall flat on it’s advertised face, or fly to the flat plateau of the water dispnser bottle. Believe that’s the option that will happen, be conscious it can exist and then let it happen.

One fun pasttime with a good mate in London called Chris, was flicking some random object towards the other person, scoring bonus points if you hit them in the head with anything from a train ticket to a cork to the unburnt end of an emptied cigarette. The trick was to just believe you were going to get a certain point. It’s experimenting. After a while, you can discern chance from some remarked phenomena, the underlyng success seemed to come from just knowing some shots to be exactly as you planned.

This all of course requires one to think that the physical world isn’t quite as physical as we’ve long believed but rather this plasticine(tm) that we can somehow shape and mould to our desires. Anyone can experiment, be conscious that there’s at least a possibility, and then work from where, as you please… you might be surprised! “It could blow your mind!”

Upon experimentation in many facets, I’ve had many moments that collectively defy rational thought in a current sense. They don’t fit necessarily what we’ve been told or led to believe. From a fruit bowl that tips over after earlier I tried to move a seperate object with my mind and then pondered how people offer gifts of fruits to gods as the bananas in my fruit bowl had gone past how I’d like them, but others would still eat them. The fruit bowl on a solid table with nobody nearby tipped over later that evening as I was relaxed. After being a little spooked, I recognised the event and pondered the many possibilities. I reconstructed apple/banana scenarios in the fruit bowl to try get a natural falling from riping to exact point to tip the large wire fruit holding structure over (i’ll get a picture tomorrow). No matter the “coincidence”, it’s beautiful to realise that from two conscious moments, I got an essential 3rd reaction – not linked before this event. A moment.

Another moment came many months later when I had a disagreement with someone + one complaining of my wanting to sleep early having to get up 6 hours to start a 12 hour shift. After a painful esclation I was left full of energy trying to sleep .. but I couldn’t. I wanted a fruit bowl incident to catch their attention, to make them stop and think, be quiet and ponder… I was so full of energy I never really drifted off! Later when I woke up, my hard drive had crashed, for good. Oh well.

The moment came at 3 or so weeks later when someone + one (two late twenties women) had their makeup all mixed up, and the + one’s dress was soaked in water. So it wasn’t just my hard drive! An interesting anecdote is that hours ealier to this whole event, I was baking a Sculpey(tm) Red Dragon I’d lovingly crafted over a week on and off. I was tentative in putting my art in an over with wings spread, for fear of meltdown but I did. I set a timer on the microwave without the time set. At 1:27 on the microwave, I pressed a button to reveal how long was left but nothing happened. The second seemed like an eternity as the 1:27 didn’t change. It then change to 1:26, and a second later I knew the timer was showing, not the wrong clock. Coincidence that it happened baking my RedDragon (pictures soon!)… Weird and again, all in the last year.

Within the last several years, the card, cork & cigarette was a conscious reality, though one of experimentation. That was what started it all, and playing pool. Thanks Chris! 😀 You ready for a challenge?!

Consciously co-create! Everyone can, but they just don’t think they can! Believe.

Ummm … I think you have to be already ethically minded for it to work properly… I think it only works when you can love everything around you exactly for what it is…

everything has it’s purpose.

::: peace :::

It’s 22:22 and I’m done 😀 Synchroncity .. some photos soon!


In this reality that fades away to the reality of the subconscious, I am finding more synchronicity between the two… I’m having dreams that contain complete references to conscious world twists that leave me thinking – Thankfully that’s only a dream…

Surprise comes later when I see a reference to my dream in the world, not long from waking up. There, plain as day – before my conscious sight and feeling. It beautiful yet offsetting… it’s mysterious yet clear… it seems to happening a little more frequently! And sometimes later on in the day…

Tonight I’ll sleep like a log.
more another time