Red Galactic Dragon

Today (6th October 2006), is Red Galactic Dragon kin. What?! You may ask…

It’s a cycle of 260 days, of which there are 20 solar tones, and 13 lunar tones (13×20=260). On each one of these 260 days, different energies are said to radiate from the sun and somewhat define each person based on the energies for that day. Red Galactic Dragon comes around only once every 260 days, and it’s today! Each person born in Mayan culture would have their name based on one of these days. So each person born on any Red Galactic Dragon day would have the same first name. Kind of cool really.

The 13 Moon Calendar and worldwide peace movement is fascinating. More so given it’s context, leading up to 2012 (the end of a time cycle – not the end of the world). I cannot do the whole movement justice by explaining it all here, there are many other websites more than capable of doing that! or

see which one of 260 things you could be here:

More soon!
::: peace :::