My DIY low power light

The basic structure of my ‘mood light’, colour light, whatever light, is finished and now I just need to secure the electronics and decide what other features I might add.  It’s made using a wooden frame that is then covered in a heat shrink film using in RC aeroplanes.  The result is a glossy finish that is shrunk to fit and allows light to show through.

Some ideas of have for evolving the design:
– Various lighting modes (candle flicker, rainbow, random, etc)
– Microphone level / IR detection to change speed of the colour change
– BlueTooth compatibility so you can change the colour, etc remotely
– Time of day feature (changes colour and intensity depending on the time of the day
– Lucid dreaming mode – in the middle of the night, start pulsing the colours so I may realise the flashes in my sleep and start lucid dreaming..
– Something else (don’t know what yet!)

for now I’ll just upload find pictures…


Creative moments – what is in the making…

It’s February .. wow, these last few weeks, and also this year so far, has seemingly passed in the blink of an eye! I’ve been working on a few things lately, my laser projector type thing but also, a “mood light” (a light that changes colour).

Mark I – turned out OK, a few learning curves climbed and some accidental successes.
Mark II – not so good… started off so well too
Mark III – still in planning.

I have a final idea for the light and I will post some details soon.

Finally, a big thank you to all those who read these posts, and an extra big thanks to all those who’ve left some truly wonderful comments. I will try to reply to them all when I find some free moments.