Fruits of my labour

After the break…

I’ve been up to so much, tinkering, engineering, soldering, sanding, cutting, crafting, attaching, filming and zip/cable-tie’ing (amongst many other verbs)… We’ll put the multirotor QuadX to one side for now though whilst I make this important announcement…

My trusty Samsung Galaxy SII is always by my side.  Suffice to say, she’s had a lot of adventures in the last year.  Flying on an RC plane, attached to the front of my car, on my forehead(!), upon many different surfaces, in the car mount, filming forwards, filming backwards, ringing in 360 degrees and vibrating and reverbing many things.  She entertains me and connects me, she records for me.  We’re great friends 😀  The Galaxy SIII is out tomorrow though, a pen?!  In any case, it’s exciting, My SII, you’re still going to be with me for now but whatever happens, we’ll always be friends!

My phone’s latest flying adventure!


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