In between locations…

Well, since my last post and this post, I have covered quite a few miles working in my new office for my new company – what a change for the better!

I have a 2nd quad which is now based on the Crius All In One Pro flight controller and despite having it flyable for a while, I’ve not had enough time to play with it. I have balanced some coloured props to help in orientation but I just need more time to play. I also have an FPV (First Person Video) whereby I can see what the quad sees from an onboard camera and transmitter. It would seem that it is easier to fly like that but at first, it wasn’t as it was quite confusing 😛

I am still looking for a new home in my new location and this time, in a house share.. so many places, but which one will be right? I think one that will be available on the 17th of December… I am hopefully meeting with the people next week to see if it will be suitable but it’s in a great place in town so the location is a great start. The people sound fun too, so time will tell. In any case, I can continue to stay with the lovely family I am currently staying with now. Thanks Jemma and Malcolm.

Other news is there is some citizen journalism I am hoping to start, maybe a new blog and possibly a new YouTube channel, it’s an interesting project and I will post more about it here soon. Suffice to say, there is going to be some interesting training occurring in a couple of weeks.

Exciting times, exciting places but missing having my friends and family so close…

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