SOPA, Creative times and DuctBot v0.3.3

DuctBot is more stable on it’s feet but still not sensing anything from the world, that comes soon.  To be attracted by light?  To be attracted by sound?  To transduce distance ultrasonically?  I am going budget, so maybe a few microphones and a few LDR’s, sorry, light dependant resistors, and have it with two senses, maybe a few switches for a third sense, where to stop?  I guess when I can no longer recycle with bits I have lying around 🙂

And from robots – to polymer clay.  I had a recent play with polymer clay, and will soon attempt design 3 of the friendship tealight holder.  Pics coming soon, it’s just being refined.

And now for SOPA… today is the internet blackout.  Searching earlier, researching ideas I ended up at – blackout, I think they have an account login section but seemingly, nothing more. (wow, cool!).  My travels took me to – they have a blocked out logo.  Not to mention,  🙂  I knew of this pending day but I forgot until I arrived at work.. Well done for all those who have highlighted this current issue to a broader number of people in more locations.  This is an interesting time in the evolution of not only the internet but consciousness of the entire human race.  We cannot let the power of the entertainment industry control the internet, and censorship is not the answer.

I don’t watch many movies (the odd one here or there), and little TV but there within western societies, there are a lot of people who watch a lot of movies.  I am pretty certain that I could go without movies and TV, could you?  Would you?

SOPA / PIPA are not friendly!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.


Work is continuing

Well, it’s great having WordPress, the design is so basic right now, but small steps..   small steps.

UpdateL 12 January 2012

I’ve successfully imported my old blog (after a few headaches) but now there’s a little more content and a new drive to post thoughts.  Not so much tonight as it’s now late, but over the coming days.

Aaaahhhh .. what a relief to finally have my old Blogger Blog in WordPress.  Big thanks to for the XML to WXR conversion that worked a treat!

a new start

Almost 2 years later I logged into my blog to help advise someone on changing a template and I felt it was a crime not to leave a post.

It’s the 13th of November 2008, a very interesting day to many. I’ll write some more soon, a lot more very soon. I wonder if anyone is even reading this these days!


Poppy: New family member

Yesterday, Poppy (Takeshi Mygirl Lollipop) found a new home. I’d already seen her once or twice before and we’d got along but she’s now go body house with new objects, new scents, new sounds and new sights. She’s slowly settling in and she’s had her spent night here.

i think she slept alright. She’s eaten some food and explored as a bundle of sticks were knocked over! This morning however, I am unable to find her despite my extensive searching, There were no doors or windows open so she couldn’t have got out.

We played and she explored a little last night. She’s still going to be missing my parents who were the previous owners. They’re moving to Scotland and she can’t easily go with them. We’ll be best of friends soon.

I’ll get some pictures shortly. For now Poppy?! Where are you?!